Pyrenees Apartment

Very Spacious Open Plan First Floor Apartment

The First Floor is a large open plan studio apartment with three sets of big french doors leading out to a balcony  (48sqm). It is a completely self contained flat with a large dining table, a separate kitchen and bathroom and a great wood burning stove for use in winter. Plenty of logs too. It’s really the heart of the house and has just about everything you need for a great couple of weeks in the Pyrenees.

Kitchen and Cooking in the Pyrenees Apartment

This first floor studio has a well equipped kitchen: SMEG oven and five wring gas hob, a full size dishwasher and fridge (no freezer).  There are plenty of pots and pans and cutlery. Cooking outside in the large private garden is one of the pleasures of summer. We get the sun right til it sets behind the Viscos mountain. We barbecue on a large oil drum in the garden. Please use the pots and pans from the shed for cooking outside.

When you arrive at the house there will already be quite a lot of non-perishable food and household goods in the kitchen. We don’t keep a inventory of what is there but do ask that guests replace what they use. You’ll find things like rice, pasta, tinned food, cooking oils and vinegars for example. Feel free to use these when you arrive (it saves having to send your first two hours at the supermarket!) but please replace them so that the next people to arrive have the same welcome. There should be plenty of washing up liquid and washing powder too, but again please do replace what you use.

Luz has two supermarkets, a couple of butchers, a veg shop and a Monday market. See the ‘Town’ pages for more details.


You can lounge in the bath with the windows open in complete privacy. It’s a deep, double ended bath and there is plenty of hot water. You’ll also find a washing machine in this room in one of the cupboards – fairly simple and straightforward to use – with an integrated drier for the winter. When you arrive there will be two clean bath towels hanging on the back of the door.


The big studio living room room area has a hidden ‘James Bond’ style fold down double bed. If you’re only renting this floor of the House, this will be folded down for you and ready to use. You can lie in bed and watch TV or DVDs or listen to music. In winter it’s nice and snug because the wood burning stove is just across the room and, if you put a log on before you go to sleep, it will pretty much burn all night long.

Books, Films, Music and Games

There are loads of books on the main Pyrenees Apartment book shelves and stored away in some of the cupboards. Have a look around – you’ll come across novels, biographies, maps and books about the Pyrenees and a variety of media and communications text books (used by us when we were teachers a long time ago). There are about 250 DVDs – everything from kids’ movies like ‘Shrek’ to French Art-House movies and a fair number of Hollywood Blockbusters. We add to these regularly so you may find some ‘of the moment’ movies that you haven’t yet seen. The cable TV system has a couple of English channels and Eurosport.

Please don’t accidentally walk off with any books or films – we haven’t seen them all yet! However do feel free to donate to the library if you have finished with anything.

In one of the cupboards there are a variety of board games (Pictionary etc) and there’s a box of Scalextrics too! (The Aston Martin always wins so if you want to beat the kids make sure you’ve got it ).

Our Wi-Fi covers the whole house so you can connect with your laptop, phone or tablet if you bring one with you. Access is un-limited but you’ll need the WEP key to access it. If not, the G3 Apple Mac is all set up and will connect automatically to the internet and on this computer you’ll find an Itunes music library of 7500 songs.

Our House Managers will run through how all this works when you arrive.


First Floor Photo Gallery