Rates and Reservations

The House can accommodate up to eight people. We have designed it so that it can be let in ‘modules’ depending on how many of you are coming to stay and how much space you’d like. So two people could just rent the First Floor and be completely self contained in what is a really spacious studio flat, or you could rent the First Floor and the Second Floor together and have lots of space. Groups of more than two people would need to rent the First Floor and the Second Floor but could also rent the Attic to gain extra space. Groups of seven or more people would need to rent the First Floor, Second Floor as well as the Attic. The tables below show you how much each of these options cost in High Season and Off Season Weeks.


High Season and Off Season Booking Rates

Module People High Season Off Season
First Floor 2 People 630 Euros 480 Euros
First+ Second Floor 2 People €690 Euros €610 Euros
First+ Second Floor 3 People €780 Euros €690 Euros
First+ Second Floor 4-5 People €910 Euros €830 Euros
First+ Second Floor 6-7 People €999 Euros €899 Euros
First + Second + Attic 8 People €1100 Euros €950 Euros

We prefer to let the House on a weekly basis with people arriving and leaving on Saturdays, but we can sometimes be flexible on this if you particularly want something different. We offer a ten per cent discount on your second week’s rent if you are booking for two weeks or more. We do sometimes let the house for periods of three and six months so please contact us if you are looking for a longer term booking.


Mates Rates

A lot of our friends and family love visiting the house and many of you have offered us a contribution. You all know who you are. We’ve set up a special Mates Rates page just for you guys – you’ll need the password to access the page, so email Simon.

Included in the Price

Our prices include the use of all the facilities in the house including:

  • unlimited wi-fi access
  • satellite TV
  • the DVD library
  • PlayStation (although there are limited games)
  • House computers (2 G3 Apple Macs)
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Hot water
  • Firewood (for the wood burner in winter and the BBQ in summer / spring)
  • Any vegetables or fruit that are ready to pick from the garden (See ‘The Garden’)
  • Bed linen
  • Towels
What you Need to Bring with You

The house has pretty much everything you need in it to have a great stay but you should bring the following things with you:

  • Appropriate clothes for the season (see ‘Winter’ and ‘Summer’)
  • Sun screen – you can buy in Luz but it’s expensive
  • Any ‘quirky’ foods you need for your diet (Luz is all meat and veg)
How to Make a Reservation

Start by emailing us to find out if the weeks you’d like to book are still available. Lets us know:

  • planned arrival date
  • how many people will be using the house
  • which ‘modules’ you’d like to rent
  • How you are planning to travel
We will check out what is possible and email you back a confirmation and a Booking Invoice. Alternatively if you have further questions, just email us.
Home Swappers

The house is also available as a swap through Love Home Swap so please contact us there if you would like to arrange a swap. We are potentially interested in swapping for a couple of weeks here and there for a house or flat in any interesting parts of the planet.


We currently only take payments by direct credit transfer to our bank account in France. Payments are taken in Euros. We’ll email you our bank details along with you Booking Invoice. To secure your booking we ask you to pay 150 Euros as a deposit. Your balance is due eight weeks before your arrival date

The Honesty System

When you arrive at the house there will already be quite a lot of non perishable food and household goods in the kitchen. We don’t keep a inventory of what is there but do ask that guests replace what they use. You’ll find things like rice, pasta, tinned food, cooking oils and vinegars for example. Feel free to use these when you arrive (it saves having to send your first two hours at the supermarket!) but please replace them so that the next people to arrive have the same welcome you do. There should be plenty of washing up liquid and washing powder too, but again please do replace what you use.

You’ll also find a fairly extensive library – well a lot of books in cupboards and on book shelves in various parts the house. There are also about 200 DVDs. Feel free to use these while you are staying but we would again ask that you don’t accidentally take any of these home with you. Any books or DVDs that you bring with you that you decide to leave behind are gratefully received.

There’s plenty of music too on the Apple Mac (Itunes) in the main room. See the ‘House Book’ when you arrive for instructions on how the sound systems all works.

House Managment

The house is looked after by Steve and Sirpa who live in Luz. They make sure that the house is set up before you arrive, welcome you and show you around. They will have made sure that the house is clean and the lawn has been cut before you arrive. If you have any problems you can contact them as follows. Also, please do let them know if you arrival is delayed for any reason so that they can make appropriate arrangements.

Questions ?

If you have any general queries about the house, how to book or what you’ll find when you arrive, please email us:



Alternatively post a message on our Facebook pages.


Enjoy your stay in the Pyrenees !