The Garden

We love the garden. In spring and summer it’s just fantastic. It’s large and it’s peaceful, it gets the sun almost all day, birds sit in the trees and sing, there are fabulous views of the mountains and often of vultures and kites hunting above the town.  You can usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out here and we make great use of the the oil drum BBQ in both summer and winter… occasionally even in the snow.

Fruit and Veg

At the back end of the garden is a small area of fruit and veg. We plant a variety of things here each spring: strawberries, raspberries, backcurrant, gooseberry, rhubbab, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins and whatever else  we come across – like chilis and lemon grass- at the nursery down in Lourdes. There is a huge cherry tree (fruits in June) and plumb trees (fruit every other August / September). The plumbs are damsons – very bitter but also full of taste in pies and crumbles.

You are welcome to use what ever is ripe and ready to eat when you are there. In return we ask that you water the vegetable patch in dry weather.


The Oil Drum BBQ is nothing fancy – just a big drum with a grill. You can use logs from the garden or buy some charcoal at the supermarket. Look in the shed for pots and pans because the ones in the kitchen are too good to use out here.

The ‘Office’

For those of you who are here to work, write a novel or study, you might prefer the solitude of the ‘Office’ rather than the study on the Second Floor. If you look over the rear garden wall down to the river you will see a green shed. Walk down around the bottom of the house and along the little path through the woods to get there. The office is a great place to sit and read, or write, and has its own tiny wood burning stove and Wi-Fi connection. It’s pretty basic but it has been called ‘The best Office in the World’.

Tools in the Shed

Doing the garden isn’t compulsory, but those who find it relaxing there’s always something to do if you feel like it.  So if you fancy a bit of weeding, please feel free!

When you arrive the garden will be tidy (usually the case in summer!) then the lawn will be cut. If you’re staying for a couple of weeks and feel like giving the lawn a trim there’s a simple little petrol mower in the shed. Home from home…


The garden does get very dry in summer so if you’re feeling hot and bothered doing a bit of watering will help you cool down and help the fruit and veg grow. You’ll find the hose-pipe and tap just round the corner at the back of the house.

The River

You’ll notice a few pictures in the Gallery (below) of some kids playing by the river. The river runs down past the Office so feel free to go down there if you wish. Not a good idea in spring though because there can be a tremendous amount of water rushing down as the snow melts.


The Garden Photo Gallery