The Pyrenees House Attic Room

Up above the Second Floor is the rustic old Pyrenees House Attic – one of the cosiest rooms in the house. To get to the attic you have climb the ladder.  Simple enough but not for the unsteady or accident prone, but great for those who are nimble limbed and for teenage kids who want escape their parents.  We don’t recommend that you use the Attic for younger children.


There’s a double bed tucked away at one end of the room, but there are also two good quality blow up mattresses – (and an electric pump).


There’s a sink, mirrored cupboard unit and WC tucked away in a corner but it’s all rather minimal and open plan.  Clothes can be hung from hangers on the rafters and there’s a storage chest for jumpers and shirts etc. The room is heated with two electric heaters in winter.

Pyrenees Views

Another great thing about the Attic is the views framed by the four roof windows that look East and West across the mountains. There’s another window that looks South over the town.

Attic Photo Gallery